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NSYCC Debrief

This week is the end of my work term with ThermalWise through the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps. The Corps held a debrief exposition at Mount Saint Vincent University to wind the program down. Each crew was responsible for putting a booth in the exposition to showcase our summer projects. Members of the community were invited to attend including the Minister of the Environment the Honorable Sterling Belliveau.

It was interesting to see what the different groups got up to this summer, and hear stories about their adventures. We all took part in a feedback session that tried to answer some key questions:
– What would you change?
– What were some of the challenges you faced?
– What did you learn?

Another event was a roundtable discussion with people working in the field of environmental science. They discussed what led them to where they were today and told us about what kind of work they did in their jobs each day. It was very interesting. This was followed up with a workshop on interview skills including some mock interviews. It is great to be told by someone who does a lot of interviewing what they are looking to hear!

I very much enjoyed my summer working with the youth corps and I think that it is a great program. I’ve learned a lot in my position and I’m sure I will take that knowledge with me as I move on from here.