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Green Jobs 101 – Success again in 2014

For the 2nd year in a row the Ottawa Region Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council held Green Jobs 101.  This year’s instalment was held in late March.  While we didn’t sell out like last year, we did draw a great crowd considering ASHRAE was holding a career fair at Algonquin College the same week.  10 industry professionals presented on job skills and career paths.  Companies in attendance included:

Morrison Hershfield
CSV Architects
Ashlar Homes
Sustainable and Renewable Technology Canada
WSP Group
Carleton University
In Da Industry
CaGBC Ottawa Region Chapter

The format to this event was similar to last year, but did have some small changes

Part 1: Job presentations by each of the 8 companies in attendance (5 mins each).  Presentations included information about the presenters, their companies, the types of jobs people do at their companies, and the types of skills that they value most.

Part 2: Motivational Speech by Jewne Johnson of In Da Industry called “The Next Step.”  Her empowering presentation explained steps you can take to turn your dreams into realities.

Part 3: Speed dating – This consisted of 1-on-1 sessions between the industry professionals presenting in part 1 which lasted 4 minutes each.  This is by far the most unique and valuable part of the event.

We were able to get a bigger projection screen this year to help make sure everyone could read the slides.  We weren’t able to have professional audio as I had hoped because of budget limitations, but the event went great without it.  We are already looking forward to next year.

IMG_4426 IMG_4414
IMG_4404 IMG_4395


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