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Innovative Products I Discovered in the Greenbuild Expo Hall

Before I went to Greenbuild NEXT in Toronto I mapped out the Expo Hall so I wouldn’t waste too much time in there. They had over 900 exhibitors so I made a list of the ones I wanted to visit before I got there. Of the 90 that I narrowed my list down to there were two that I was really impressed by. I want to share some details with you below.

BioNova Natural Pool

BioNova makes home swimming pools that do not use chemicals to condition the water. Their pools are naturally purified using a built in water garden adjacent to the pool. Plants are chosen for their water regeneration capabilities and other are chosen for their  decorative appeal. More info at their website.

A BioNova Natural Pool

EcoVéa: The World’s Most Intelligent Shower

This shower saves up to 80% of the water and energy used by a standard shower. It does this by analyzing the drain water to determine what is clean and what is dirty. The clean water is filtered, treated, and returned to the shower head. This reuses the water and the heat it contains.  This takes it a step beyond drainwater heat recovery system which just reuse the heat but waste the water. More info at their website.


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